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Freelance translator of texts and audio material from bg, sl, ro, en, fr, pt, es, ar, it, el and cn into de
Name: Achim König
Born 30/08/1966 in Schramberg/Germany


1969-85: Grammar school at Saarbrücken, Germany (Ludwigsgymnasium 1976-85)
Languages studied:
1976-83 Latin (1983 Latin Diploma „Großes Latinum“-Latin proficieny certificate)
1978-85 French (1982-85 intensive studies)
1980-83 Classical Greek
1979 Italian (night school, no connection to mandatory school)
1980 English (voluntary additional subject)
1983-85 Spanish (optional course)

1985-86 Oriental studies, English studies, government at Saarland University (dropped out)
Language studies: solid learning of Arabic basic grammar (2 terms), English studies

1987-88 Basic military service with German armed forces. By the end of the military service I knew most of the large
Langenscheidt English – German dictionary “Großes Schulwörterbuch Englisch” by heart.

1988-89 One term of oriental studies and government at Tübingen University (dropped out)
1989-93 Vocational training as a mechanical engineer in Schiltach/Germany with diploma
Relevance in terms of linguistic qualification: I bought a lot of technical literature in English on machining and
studied it autodidactically.

1993 Move to Hampshire, England. Work as a language and guitar teacher

1994-98 Degree course in Languages & International Trade at University of Portsmouth with one term each in Spain and
France. Degree BA (honours). Bachelor thesis (1998) in English on price mechanisms with international product sales

1996-97 Term at University of Saragossa, Spain. Attending and passing modules on International Marketing and others

1997 Term in Paris at University Paris XIII, Villetaneuse. Attendance of a module on International Law

1995-2006: Intensive, self-taught study of Arabic language

Work and stays to learn local language

1998-99 Representative with Eurocat, owner Philip Hephard, then at Bishops Waltham, England

1999 May - December: Stay at Brescia, Italy. Working for Steel Nova S.r.l., Ospitaletto near Brescia and Pe Giovanni,
Lumezzane near Brescia in manufacture of metal goods

2000 April - December: Employee of Waldemar Loeser GmbH (machine factory), Speyer
Customer care, translator, interpreter

2000-06 Translator for publisher Klock-Verlag, owner Michael Hammann, Frankenthal/Germany (now MoreMediaVerlag) as a
freelance translator from home. Hundreds of articles on RC-models from French, dozens of articles on golf and lifestyle
from English translated

2002-06 Stay in Latakia, Syria, sending the work to Frankenthal per email
2006-09 Freelancer with Novatec Solar, Karlsruhe, Germany (CEO: Martin Selig), a manufacturer of solar thermic power
plants, first in the Middle East, then in Murcia, Spain
2006-11 Stay at Murcia, Spain
Work for Novatec Solar building first solar thermal power plant with Fresnel technology in Spain, work as a mechanic,
interpreter, translator, intermediary on commission basis (I found the warehouse for the manufacture of mirrors of solar
plant P1 Calasparra), recruiting of work force, explaining project to investors

2010-now Freelance translator, mainly for Spanish translation agencies, but also for KERN, Frankfurt (technical texts
from various languages (en, fr, es, it), audio files with interviews of the Chile mining disaster from Spanish),
handwritten police report, ca 600 words from Arabic with a native speaker to decipher the handwriting, but not for
translating, which I did myself, general texts (cooking, history, legal)

Spring, summer 2010: English teacher for private school „FOC Formación“ in Calasparra (owner: Juan Chuecos) to teach
Novatec Solar workers

2011 April-Juli Stay at Valença, Portugal to learn the Portuguese language, up to present working as a freelance

2011-12 Stay at Bucharest, Rumania to learn Rumanian

August 2012 - 2016
Stay in Ruse, Bulgaria to learn the Bulgarian language

October 2016 – 2017
Stay in Jesenice and Kranj, Slovenia to study Slovenian

October – December 2017
Stay in Bosnia, studying Slovenian

Since December 2017
Stay in Greece (Sitia), studying Slovenian and Greek

Spring 2018
Trip to Scandinavia. I have been studying Swedish ever since and understand it

October 2018 – June 2019
Stay in Diakaia, Orestiada, Greece, studying Greek

From July 2019
I live in Murcia, Spain
Studying Chinese since July 2020

Interests and hobbies:
Studying languages:
Language recognition (example: I watch bits of youtube videos repeatedly, doing my best to understand everything, I used
to do this with Syrian comedies)
Writing in Arabic (example: I open an article in Wikipedia and copy it to practice typing in Arabic.)
Windows Movie Maker: muting sound track and generating or inserting own sound, I like dubbing excerpts.
Further services offered:
Proofreading (German), German language tuition via Skype, in German, English, Arabic, French or Spanish
Transcription of German, English, Spanish, Rumanian and Bulgarian
Copying PDFs

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