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Hello people and friends.

Eat less salt!

Three years ago, I rediscovered locum aka Turkish delight, living in Ruse, Bulgaria.

So I ate lots. It's a sweet.

I remember I ate about five packs in a day, some 400g, I like sweets.

I took my blood pressure, it was 170 over 130.

I looked at the locum packing: package of 80g contains 4g of salt, I had eaten five that day, 20g of salt.

I went to a hospital. The doctor took to making out a prescription, I was like: I don't like medication, what can I do? What can I do, what can I do?

He was like: Less salt.

And: Humans don't digest or excrete more than 5g a day. Bulgarians ingest 20g of salt per day. Big, big problem.

I went home, no medication. I googled: foods that lower blood pressure. I bought nuts and fruit of the woods, berries, sunflower seeds.

I ingested zero industrial processed food.

I thought this tastes rather boring, adding loads of salt. That's better. I am kidding. No salt.

Seventh day or such I became dizzy climbing the steps to my seventh floor.

On the eighth day or so I was 120/77.

One year earlier I had seen a doctor he prescribed pills to lower my blood pressure. I bought one container and never again. I don't like medication.

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