Hallo liebe Leserin.

Iss weniger Salz!

Als ich vor drei Jahren in Ruse, Bulgarien, wohnte, entdeckte ich erneut Lokum.

Ich aß ziemlich viel davon, ich ess unheimlich gern Süßes.

Ich weiß noch, ich aß am selben Tag ca. 5 Packungen, etwa 400 g.

I measured my blood pressure, it was 170 over 130.

I looked at the locum packing: package of 80g contains 4g of salt, I had eaten five that day, 20g of salt.

I went to a hospital. The doctor took to making out a prescription, I was like: I don't like medication, what can I do? What can I do, what can I do?

He was like: Less salt.

And: Humans don't digest or excrete more than 5g a day. Bulgarians ingest 20g of salt per day. Big, big problem.

I went home, no medication. I googled: foods that lower blood pressure. I bought nuts and fruit of the woods, berries, sunflower seeds.

I ingested zero industrial processed food.

I thought this is tasting really boring, so I added loads of salt. That's better. I am kidding. No salt.

Seventh day or such I became dizzy climbing the steps to my seventh floor.

On the eighth day or so I was 120/77.

One year earlier I had seen a doctor he prescribed pills to lower my blood pressure. I bought one container and never again. I don't like medication.